Monday, January 17, 2011


                    As the name says "Rasogolla" or the ball in syrup, is a very very popular sweet dish in Odisa.None of our festival or ceremony goes without this "soft and sweet cheese ball in syrup". And we Odia people are crazy about this speciality of Orissa. I am sure of this fact also that any non oriya person also fall in love with this Rasagolla, after eating it once. Somehow the preparation is different outside Orissa. Either it will be less sweet or chewy or spongy kind . When the name of Rasogolla comes into mind , how can a Odia forget the famous "Pahala Rasogolla". The name itself brings water into mouth. When you live outside Orissa and you look forward to a trip to the Land of LORD JAGANNATH, you will definitely have plans to go and gulp down this heavenly thing.

                    Its an age old tradition in puri Jagannath temple offering Rasogolla to Goddess Laxmi  by the Lord of the Universe ,while coming back to the temple after the chariot festival in order to please her for being ignored. Its called the "Niladri Vijay" .

                     While trying my hands in cooking, somehow I just passed making rasagolla. First experiment result was "ok" kind, second time it was "good" but can be improved kind. And it was "mind blowing" after that. So I will say one thing just keep on trying this sweet savory dish , and you will be more then happy with the result. So here goes the recipe for "Rasagolla" from  my kitchen for all of you who loves this dish.

      1 ltr whole milk.
      1 tsp all purpose flour (maida).
       2 big lemons, cut into halves.
       2 cups sugar.
       2 cups water.
       1tsp rose essence.
       2 cardamom finally  powered.

           Heat milk in a deep pan , stir it and bring it to boil in a medium flame. When starts boiling properly, squeeze on the lemons. Stir it well. The milk will start curdling.  When the water separates from the cheese or chhena , switch off the gas and cover the pan for 5 mins.  With the help of a strainer, strain the chhena from the water, now tie it in a piece of muslin cloth , put some weight on it so that the water from the chhena will be drained. It may take 2-3 hrs or more, if the quantity of chhena is more.

      Get a wooden board or a container where u can knead the chhena. Add the flour , knead it till its smooth and creamy. The quality of rasogolla depends upon  the kneading. So it is the most time consuming thing in this whole preparation. Put small amount of cardamom powder( less then a pinch) in the center of the chhena balls. If you want the Rasogolla  s colour to be light brownish, u can caramalized the sugar in a small bowl and later on when its cools off, u can put small pieces inside every chhena balls center.

        Take a pressure cooker, pour 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water into it.( you can use brown sugar, and if you want u can reduce the sweetness by adding less sugar, here I have used brown sugar to make this Rasogollas) . Add on the rose essence. Put the chhena balls into the cold water mix.  Make sure the water is enough for the cooking. Pressure cook the balls in low flame till 2 whistles. Usually after 30-45 mins the rasogolla s are done . Leave it to cool. After its cools off, serve hot .When serving make sure to warm it in a microwave for 15 seconds.

                                  Soft and delicious Rasogolla s are ready. enjoy guys.