Thursday, February 3, 2011

"DALMA"The most delicious and famous of all odia recipe.

          Hey folks  sitting in a home with snow covered surrounding, when the mind flies thousand miles in a second( no mind fare for this…thanx to the govt.!) to my home, I just find myself sitting in my mothers kitchen and having some all time great foods. Isnt it true, we miss home when we miss the foods cooked there, isnt any good memory is associated with good food ? I know its true and every single mom is a great cook for their kids. and when this kids grown up to be big boys or gals,  moms kitchen means something more to them .
                       This recipe is from my mothers kitchen. She is an amazing cook. I learned to cook this odisha famous dish from her. When the aroma of this beautiful dish fills the home, my dil goes uuummm…..


   Tuvar dal/ arhar dal/harada dali -  3 palm full
   Chana dal - 2 palm full.
   Moong dal - 1 palm full.
   Ginger - 2 inch long.
  1 cup grated coconut.
  1 cup each of diced raw plantain(kancha kadali), raw papaya, radish, pumpkin, arbi(taro or      saru),spinach, tomato.(it will be great if u can get khamba aloo or mati alu (true yam).
 cilantro leaves finally chopped.
 1tbsp ghee.
 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds.
 5-6 dry red chilli.
 2 tbsp whole cumin seeds.
 1/2tsp turmeric powder.
(Take a fry pan, roast the whole cumin seeds and4-5 dry red chillies. Remove from heat and let it cool. After it cools properly , grind it in a mixture grinder to get the delicious roasted cumin and red chilli powder.  It can be added to any odia curry to enhance the flavour.)

                      Take adequate amount of water in a pressure cooker, so that you can cook the dalma with it. Crush the ginger in a pastel. Put the pressure cooker on flame. Add the crushed ginger to it. Let it boil for few minutes. Mix all the dals in a bowl,wash it well and add that to the boiling ginger water in the pressure cooker. Let it boil for 4-5 mins. Add on the vegetables to that. Put salt and turmeric powder and cover the lid. Let it be cooked till 2 whistles in a medium flame.(everything should be cooked properly). Wait till the pressure goes off. Open the lid and stir it to see the consistency. Just don't make it very watery, it should be a bit thick.
               Take a deep pan on flame. Add on fenugreek seeds and 1-2 dry red chillies. Wait till you can smell the beautiful aroma of the methi seeds, add the ghee now. Stir it for 1 min, and finally add the boiled dalma to it. Be careful while giving this tadka as it can spill. Mix the grated coconut with it. garnish with cilantro leaves and serve it with hot rice with lemon and ghee. It goes well with tomato khatta and any bhaja. You can try it with paratha too. yumm , nutritious protein rich food is ready to be eaten.
  happy cooking friends !  

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  1. Very delicious n you can add crushed black pepper n tej pasta to dal while boiling n also few crushed green chillies along with the ginger.